Monday, 3 August 2015


When truth and transparency are withheld, my perception, fuelled by imagination, become reality.

Reality does not exist in a vacuum. Reality is created: it is formed of ideas, informed by context and founded on hard data. If reality is left to self-create it will take on the form of the strongest informants.

When leaders choose to shield us from the truth for our own good reality will grow on the foundations of selfishness - self preservation and imagination - because shields always falter.

When leaders decide that we don’t need to know all the details: reality will be reformed by rumour, by gossip and by myth - because in the absence of detail, rumour reigns.

Leaders treat their greatest asset like mushrooms: keep them in the dark and feed them fertiliser. Wait, no, even mushrooms get fed, but too often leaders just keep their assets in the dark and feed them nothing. But when a living organism is not fed, it will find food - the easiest food possible - selfishness, rumour, imagination and gossip.

Leaders create reality.

Leaders keep telling us that we are their greater asset, that we are above average. So stop treating us like mushrooms and use the greatest asset you have to inform a reality that is ours, rather than leaving that asset to create above average alternate realities that do not benefit anybody.